Hello Everyone,

I want to just give you a brief history. The club was founded with guidelines from Daimler Chrysler. I have been its founder, organizer and voice of the club. I am now willing to take extra steps so that we legitimize ourselves in a more official manner. For any club to grow and evolve it must follow a certain known format.

I think it should have an elected board
It should have a way to raise funds and charge funds
It needs bylaws
It needs a way to find new membership (this web site)
It needs to listen to membership concerns and must have regular meetings
In other words anything a regular club would have

We are becoming more than a rag tag group of people.
Considering the status and style of the car, we should have something more formal.


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- Dan Frankian, PCC Founder

This club was founded with guidelines from DaimlerChrysler

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